Caitlyn Martin is a mysterious woman who claimed to be Piper's mother.


The day after the plane crash, Caitlyn and her husband Freddie showed up at the Southold police station looking for their daughter, Olivia. Chris called Jo to the station and provided the couple with coffee. Jo sat down with them in her office and they stated that they were camping in the neighborhood when Olivia disappeared from their tent. Jo checked their ID's, including one for "Olivia Martin", and found they were from North Carolina, which made her question why they were camping there, especially in the middle of the school week. Caitlyn says they came to camp there since she grew up around there. They claimed they didn't have connection to call 911, so they just drove until they found the police station. Jo was suspicious and asked to see pictures of their daughter, which made the couple turn hostile and they demanded to see their daughter. Jo claimed she'd go warm up their coffees. She actually needed their mugs so Chris could pull prints, but while she was out of her office, the lights started flickering, electronic devices stopped working, and she discovered the couple had disappeared into thin air.

Fearing for Piper's safety, Jo had Alex bring everybody to a vacation home. Caitlyn and Freddie found them there, presumably through Piper's tracking device, and broke into the house. While the family tried to run, Freddie and Caitlyn knocked Alex out and they managed to take Piper. Jo chased their SUV down Highway 25, when suddenly, their car crashed as though it had driven into an invisible wall. Jo checked and both Caitlyn and Freddie were deceased.[1]

Their bodies were taken to the morgue, but the autopsy had to be delayed because of troubles in the coroner's personal life. That gave Ken Lerner the time to sneak in and put something in their cadavers' mouths. By the time David got around to perform the autopsies, he and Jo found that their bodies had turned into a bloodied goo.[2]



Caitlyn was married to Freddie Martin.

Notes and Trivia

  • While hers and Freddie's driver's licenses stated they were from Charlotte, North Carolina, this detail was most likely a part of their fake identities.





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