Daphne is Jo's assistant at the Southold Police Department.


Daphne briefed Jo on things she had missed while out to investigate Yousef's involvement in the salvaging of the plane crash wreck. The Coopers down in Mattituck requested hourly patrols because a $75 gnome ornament had been stolen. Jo denied them that. Then Dennis Ross had reported a scam that had him wire $2,500 to claim an inheritance. Daphne also informed Jo that her autopsies on the Martins had been delayed because the coroner was out sick. Finally, she told Jo that she had placed the air band radio in her office, on loan from the Suffolk County Aviation Unit.[1]

Later, Chris asked her to look into the mystery texts sent to Jo's phone. She reached out to the mobile company, who had no record of them.[2]

She told Chris Jo wanted to see her in her office to talk about Emily Cox.[3]



Daphne appears to have a good relationship with her boss Jo Evans.


Daphne is the assistant to Jo at the Southold Police Department.

Notes and Trivia

  • She is the first known named employee of the Southold PD who's not a police officer.



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