David is Southold's medical examiner.


After the car crash, the bodies of Freddie and Caitlyn Martin were brought to the morgue for an autopsy. Dave had called in sick because his 4-year-old had coughed directly into his mouth so the autopsies were delayed for a few days. However, Jo wanted results and made Dave come in to start working on the autopsies and told him that they needed procedures for situations like these that would prevent delayed autopsies. En route to the bodies, he told her he'd look for identifying features like tattoos and scars so she had something to start out with and he'd proceed with the autopsies immediately after. However, upon arrival, they found that the bodies had mysteriously turned into a bloodied goo, meaning there was nothing left for Dave to examine.[1]



Dave has a 4-year-old child.


David is a medical examiner.

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