Frankie is a police officer at the Southold Police Department.


Frankie was present when Piper went missing from her hospital room. Jo organized a building-wide search and instructed Frankie to look at the security footage to find out what happened. He suggested Piper could have fallen into the nearby harbor before taking off. Later, after meeting journalist Benny Gallagher at the crash site, Jo assigned Frankie to tail him to find out if he was lying about his identity or not. The next day, Jo decided to trust him and met up with Benny at a restaurant, at which point she sent Frankie away.[1]

After Chris Minetto installed cameras at Jo's house because of a mysterious person sneaking around in the backyard, he stuck around for surveillance. He asked Frankie to cover him overnight and promised to relieve him in the morning.[2]

Frankie came to the Gaunt Brook Inn to change shifts with Chris guarding Emily. He brought a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, hand-cut in Vermont and custom-printed of a picture Frankie had taken of an iceberg in Alaska.[3]


Frankie is a police officer at the Southold Police Department working under Jo Evans.

Notes and Trivia

  • He thinks sudokus are boring.[4]
  • He often forgets to date his DUI reports.[5]





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