Gwen is the daughter of April.


Gwen answered the door when Benny Gallagher showed up at their place and let her mother know that someone was at the door. She let him in. While Gwen sat in the room watching television, he asked April to put her hacking skills to use. She initially refused but he name-dropped Augur Industries, which peaked her interest and got her to start working on the hard drive he had swept from Emily's apartment.[1]

After her mother's death, Benny visited Gwen, who immediately realized what he came to tell her when she saw the look on his face. She started crying in his arms. She let him and found out the circumstances of her mother's death. She understood Benny felt guilty and assured him that her mother loved what she did and understood the danger that came with it, so she wouldn't blame him, nor did Gwen. Gwen advised him to step away from what he was doing like April had wanted to do, but since Benny thought it was too late to step away now, Gwen revealed she had tracked her mother's laptop. Benny told her to take that to the police but Gwen said her mother would haunt her forever if the police got access to that laptop and the files on it. However, as April trusted Benny, Gwen decided to do the same and gave him the location. She told Benny to find that killer.[2]



She lived with mother April. While seemingly rather disinterested, she knew how much her mother loved hacking and that she would not blame Benny for what happened to her. Gwen also knew that her mother would under no circumstances want her laptop to end up in the hands of the police given the files that could be found on there. She learned some computer skills from her mother.

Her father lives in Buffalo. After her mother's death, she contemplated moving there since being snowed in for three months sounded appealing to her at that point.


Following her mother's lead, she placed her trust in Benny and entrusted him with the location of her mother's laptop.

Notes and Trivia

  • She was credited as Punk Woman in the press release for No Outlet.
  • Due to her appearance/fashion, personality, as well as being an amateur hacker herself, she could be modeled on Lisbeth Salander, the protagonist of the Millennium book and movie series.



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