Lily Salgado is a social worker who came to interview Jo Evans and her family when Jo called social services about Piper staying with her.


On her first week on the job, Lily came to Jo's house and started taking pictures. Jo saw her and thought she was one of the people hunting Piper. She moved to arrest her until Lily revealed who she was. Jo let her into the house and apologized, explaining she had concerns over Piper's safety. Lily said it was okay as it would make for a great story. She brought up the article and Piper losing her parents. Lily then explained the process of her interviewing Jo and her family as well as Piper. She then realized she had just assumed Jo wanted to permanently foster Piper and asked if she really wanted to do that. Jo didn't reply and left to answer a call.

As Jo took off, Lily interviewed Ed, who told her family was a priority around the house. She found out he had moved in due to health issues and inquired about Jo's mother. Ed told her she left when Jo was around 12. Ed brushed it off as ancient history but Lily thought something like that must stick with people. He offered her lunch but she declined.

Afterwards, she went to interview Piper, who grew upset when she learned Lily would record their conversation. She explained she had to because it was her job to determine if both the children and families were happy with the situation they were in. Piper grew upset as she only took away from it that Jo may want her gone. Lily tried to assure her that that wasn't the case here and to steer the conversation to why Piper liked it here so much. However, Piper kept repeating she wanted to stay until suddenly Lily's phone battery exploded in her hand. Lily apologized and went downstairs, where Ed dressed the wound. Jo came home as Lily was about to leave and found out about the incident. Lily said she would come back to finish the interview the next day.

She did return to talk with Jo and told her that her family was lovely and very protective of Piper. She recommended not sending Piper back to school for another month, which Jo agreed with. Lily checked if Jo was truly ready to take on this big responsibility given her history with her mother. Jo understood why she would think Jo wanted to prove she was not her mother. While she had been a little afraid of that before, she was not afraid anymore.[1]


Lily is a social worker with Child and Family Services.

Notes and Trivia

  • She carries her business cards in a unicorn wallet.

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