Southold is a town located in Suffolk County, New York in the North Fork of Long Island. It serves as the main location for Emergence.



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Notes and Trivia

  • The creators of the show chose Southold as the main location of the series because they wanted to have a small-town feel but also be in the proximity of New York City. Tara Butters is married to Marc Guggenheim, who grew up in Port Washington, which is how she got acquainted with the locale, citing a warmth and realness of the people in the North Fork.
  • While the series is set in Southold, most of the scenes taking place there are actually shot in and around Monmouth County, New Jersey.
    • Several scenes were shot in the towns of Keyport and Middletown.[1]
    • The village of Greenport, New York was used to film establishing shots.[2] Greenport is a village incorporated in the town of Southold.
    • The Barnegat lighthouse in Barnegat Light, New Jersey is presented as though located in Southold. While there are several real lighthouses in Southold, they are much smaller in size.[3]



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