Walter is a radiology aide at Bay Harbor Hospital.


Walter aided Abby on the night of the crash when they examined Piper. After all the tests, he told Piper she did great. When NTSB showed up to arrest, Walter and Abby blocked the way to Piper's room. The NTSB leader threatened to arrest him, which didn't impress Walter at all. Jo pointed out they didn't have arrest authority and suggested they talk somewhere quiet to smooth things over. Meanwhile, Abby discovered that Piper had disappeared from the room and a code yellow was called.[1]

When Jo came to interview Ken Lerner, she stopped by Abby's department to offer her some of Benny's doughnuts. She told Walter to help himself, too, but he refused because he was in ketosis. Walter listened in as Jo and Abby discussed Alex sleeping over at the house. When they noticed, he claimed he had changed his and took a doughnut before walking off.[2]


Walter is a radiology aide at Bay Harbor Hospital. He works in the pediatric ward with Dr. Abby Frasier.

Notes and Trivia

  • He was credited as Radiology Aide on his first appearance while he was named on his second.



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