Yousef is a salvage worker who removed the plane wreck from the beach.


The night of the crash, Yousef was contacted by some government guy who told him they needed the wreckage removed from the beach before the tide came in. Since they offered him double OT, Yousef took the contract. He was instructed to dump the plane on the bottom off the ocean a few miles off the coast, which he did.

A few days later, Benny arrived at Yousef's workplace asking questions. Yousef ignored his questions and was threatening him to get him to leave when Jo arrived. She vouched for Benny and promised they would keep whatever information he had to themselves. Yousef then told them about how he got the contract. Knowing his ways, Jo knew he must have kept something to himself to make even more money. He admitted he had kept the air band radio. He made Benny touch it to show it that it was still carrying charge. He informed them that it lit up every time something electric with even a little charge got near it. Jo tested that out with her phone and asked Yousef for a box to take it with her.

After Ken Lerner had come for the red Jeep, Jo had Yousef and Chris dump it into the ocean with the plane wreck.[1]



Jo and Yousef are on friendly terms. They appear to have run into each other on cases before since she knew of his habit to keep some things to himself to auction them off on eBay for extra money. He trusts her as her vouching for Benny made Yousef stop threatening him and he voluntarily told them about the contract after she did.


Yousef is a salvage worker. Aside from his contracts, he has a habit of auctioning small things he keeps from the salvages on eBay for some extra cash.

Notes and Trivia

  • He wore the exact same outfit in both his appearances.





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